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You can subscribe to oil Buick Product Sereiee Puhlil‘fllifll‘lh [PSP‘uL Thin will include hulletinfi for nil care said by Buiel.‘ and will no! he iimiled to PEP“:- applicable In any particular model. When you buy a subscription. you will receive the PSP‘H in periodic mailings. \‘hiJr‘ily ui'ier they come nul. A suhwripiinn ennui US. Siifiju t$iiifijii inciuding u upeeiul hinder] and it enlilien you in El" F'SP‘s puhiinhed hy Buiek during the model year. You. can purchase it subscription by sending a check or mono},- ill'tlL'T It] fiervlue Publications. Poul Office Box l‘Xil. Flint. Michigan. 455i”, along with the order i'orm loeuted in the following text. You may get additional nuhseriplion ordering Forms: by calling the toll-free number hhnwn in the following qut.

Individual PSP‘S

if you don‘t wont In hug; all the PSP's issued by Buick ihr nil intirlelx in tin: [nude] year. ynu can buy individual PSP's. «ueli :15 those which may pertain to it particular model, To [In this, you will first need in net: our index Ul PSP'x. It provides. :1 Variety of information. Here's what you'll find in the index :inrl how you can get one:

What You’ll Find in the Index:

I A. lint ni'nll PSP'u published h}; Hnieit in in model year t_ I“??? Lil' litter}. PSI-’3: covering all Iliudeln L‘Ii' Buick can; lift: Iiateti in We mine index.

I Ordering information so you can hug. lite specific PEP“; you may lwunl.

I Priee information for Ihe PSP'H you may want In hue.


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