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Brake Sfr'hltiTl inspection

Inapcct The complete system. inspect hrake lines and hoses for proper hookup. binding. leaks. cracks. chafing. etc. Inspect disc brake pads for 1.year and rotors for surface condition. Also inf-peel other hralte pal-ls. including calipers. parking brake. etc. Check parking brake adjustment. 1You may.I neat to have your brakes inspected more nl'ten ii" your driving habits or conditiuna result in frequent braking.

Nil-TE: A low Make fluid level can indicate Worn disc brake pads Which may need II} he serviced. Also. if the brake system warning light stays on or comes on. something may be Wrong With the brake system. See "Brake System Warning Light" in the Index. If your Irehicle ii. equipped With anti-loch oral-Les and the anti—loci; brake syslem warning light stays on. comes on or flashes. something may be wrong With the anti—lock brake system. See "Anti-Lock Brake System Warning Light“ in mi.- Indes.

Section D: Recommended Fluids and Lubricants

NOTE: Fluids and lubricants identified below by name. pad number or specification may be obtained from your GM dealer.


Engine Clil GM Goodwrench Motor l[Till or equivalent For API service SIG Energy Conserwng ll oils of the [sinner viscosity. The “"58 designation may be shown alone or in combination With others. such as “SGi‘CC.” “SEND." or “SESGJIC.” etc. To determine the preferred Viscosity for your vehicle's engine. 5:: “Engine Oil" in the Index.

Engine Coolant 50350 mixture of water {preferably distilled} and good quality ethylene glycol base antifreeze {GM Part No. |052753 or equivalenli eonfunning to GM Specification [315M or apprmed recycled coolant conforming to GM Specification IRESM.

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