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Your Vehicle and the Environment

Proper vehicle maintenance not only helps to keep your vehicle in good working condition. but also helps the environment. All recommended maintenance procedures. are importa nt. Improper vehicle maintenance or the removal of important components can significantly affect the quality of the air we breathe. Improper fluid levels or even the wrong tire inflation can increase the level of emissions from your vehicle. To help protect our environment. and to help keep your vehicle in good condition. please maintain your vehicle properly,

Honr This Part is Organized The remainder of this part is divided into five sections:

"Section A: Scheduled Maintenance Services“ shows what to have done and how often. Some of these services can be oomple it, an unless you are technically qualified and have the necessary equipment. you should let your dealer's service department or another qualified service center do these jobs.

if you are skilled enough to do some work on your vehicle, you will probably want to gel the service inlonnation GM publishes. You will find a list of publications and how to get them in this manual. See “Service Publications" in the Index.

“Section B: Owner Checks and Services“ tells you what should be checked whenever you stop for fuel. it also explains what you can easily do to help keep your vehicle in good condition.

“Section C: Periodic Maintenancu Inspections" exPIains important ins pections that your Buick dealer ’3 service department or another qualified service center should perform.


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