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Inflation . Tire Pressure

The 'lirc-Luuding information label which is on deck lid shows the correct inflation pressures; for your tires. when they're L'ulIJ. "Ctjld" lllcuilh your Vehicle hat; been sitting for at least: three hours or driven no more than a mile.


Poorly malnlalned and improperly used tires ara dangerous.

I Overloading your tires can cause overheating as a result at too much lrlctlon. it"oII..| could hatre an air-out and a serious accident. See “Loading Your Vehicle" In the Index.

Underinfiated tire: pose the same danger as overloaded tires. The result] ng accident could cause serious injury. Check all tires

frequently to maintain the recommended pressure. Tire pressure should be checked when your tires are cold.

Due-rimmed tires are more likely to be cut, punctured. or broken by a sudden Impact. such as when you hit a pothole. Keep tires at the recommended pressure.

Worn. old fires can cause accidents. Ii your trend is badly worn, or If your tires have been damaged, replace them.


Don‘t-let anyone tell you that underlnfletton g; mafinttatton is all right. It’s not. It your time don't have enough air tundorlntlltlonl you can get.-

Too much flouting

Too much hail

If your tires have no much air [oval-Inflation]. you can eat:

I Unusual near

0 Earl handing

o Plough ride

I Mutual dmge lrorn road heralds.


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