Buick REGAL 1993 Owner Manual

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What la Add:

lift—Cr In 1]]: Miilllienanre St'hL‘lJllJll' m dulurmlnu Im'lml kind nf fiuiul m the Eco "Rounmmcndcd Flklldh and Lubricumh” in 11w hides.

NOTICE: When adding‘pmr amflfihflulfl or making a

nnmplale'flufid phangp, sharing Ina proper fluid. Failur'a-to use the pfun'gr flyifl gar} mule leaks and .dmga hhsai ill-(dams.-


Windshield Washer Fluid Tu Add:

”PL-II the mp luhuled "\‘v’.--‘I.Sl HER F'LLID ONLY." Add ualnhm fluidullliiltwL‘Im1luniull.

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