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It you use an improper coolant mix. 1your engine could overheat and be badly damaged. The

repair coal wouldn't he covarnd by your warranty. Too much water in the mix can troezo and crack the angina. rndlator. heater cure and

other pan-ts.

Adding Coolant

'I'tu: 3.8 liter ungillu Illlh tilt L‘uulutll recover}- hulk Imatod at ”to [aft [11' 1hr: cumin: L'UII'lfilllTlll'llfl'H.

'lo Check L'Imlant: When youl enginr la cold. The E'lHJ‘l'JEII lcu't‘l thttlld 11:: ul "COLD" l‘Ir : little higher. ‘Ir‘v'hcn _uI-ur cnginc :i:~ uunn, the [E‘Vt‘l ‘rhfillll‘ [1:31le "I-lfl'l'." Dr .I. link: higher.

Thu: 3.] Iilcr unginu hm lhc CLHIiunt mum-tr}- tank ltncnlcd at 111: hull of LhL' cngmu cumpurtlncn‘l.

-— 2.29

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