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Front Seathack Latches (Two-Door Models]

Tiw front soalbaok folds forward Io let people gel inlo the back 56:11.

Your soalbacli will move back and forth freely. unless you come to a sudden stop. Then it Iwill lock in place.

There's one time the soalhuok may not fold without some help from you. That's if your vehiclc is». parked going down a fairly sloop hill.

To fold :1 soalback forward. push the outback Ioward tho roar as you lift this latch. Thou iho soaiback will fold forward. The latch mus! the down I'm th' seat to work properly.


Easy Entry Seat Dplion (Wu-Door Models}

The right front seal of your vehicle makes it easy to get in and on: of the rear seat.

I When you [ill the right from fienthack full}: Forward. th‘ whole seat will slide forward.

I After somoonc gets into the rear seat urea. mow: the right from Hoalbatk to its. original panilinn. Then mm'e the hem roarward. until it Incl-.34.

0 To got out. again [ill 11m seoibocli lull}r forward.

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