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Prints thi: SK'AN hultnn In hcur EEItIl‘I ifiilii‘rl'l f'nr -.i ileu- 5econdsi PURh it again to 510p manning. Pushhulluns

The five pIJhithtlllJllh let you return tn Iln-urilt: stations. To set the pushhtittnns fttr up to ten Htatmm 15 A14 and 5 FMJ.

0 Tune in ll'lL‘ desired Malia-n. 0 Press SET.

3 Wliiltli 5 heuurtdx. phi-ch uni: ul the punhhuttum. Whenever you push that hutmn again. the preset xtulinn wi |l return.

0 Repeat these «cps for each plishhuttnn.

Clock To 5E1 the clock.

0 Praise SET. SE'I' ll1!.L.'\l be lit in VF display hci'ttre aulithtlng the it'luel-i.

I Watltllt 5 hermitls. pmlt and lttaltl the SEAN hutltln tut-Iii the correct minute appears.

0 Push and hnlcl the SEEK ltutteut until the curreer hour uppeatrn.



Press the [RAE +J side of [he- hutton In llltffui'a't: hast-t lUl'lL‘h' and [rt-cw Ihc t HAS -t Side ofthe button to tieercaxe him tunes. Press the center of the control for the preeel ham setting.


PrL‘Sh thi: tTR H. +5 side M the button to increase treble toner. untl pit-Pits the tTRB —i side of the human IIJ decrease treble tunes. Prcxh' Ihi: center til'tht: cnntml I'm" ”10. prcnct Irehle setting.

To Play A Cassette

Yiitir rupe- player is built ELI work best with tapes that are 3010 45 tltilllIlE'H lung un much side. Tunes longer them lilttl: Jr: :10 thtrt they may nut work we]! in this player.

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