Buick REGAL 1993 Owner Manual

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How to Use This Manual

Many people read their owner‘s manual [rum hip-ginning to end when they,I first receive their new vehicle. This will help ynu learn ahnut ll'tt: features and euntrnls fur your vehicle. In this manual. you'll find that picture-x and wards werk together to explain things; quickly.

Safety Warnings and Symbols

You will find :1. number of safety catutiuns in this hnnk. We uxe yellnw and the word CAUTION to tell you abuttl things that could hurt you if you were in ignore the warning.

In the yelluw euutien area. we tell you what the hazard

is. Then “it: tell j-‘UlJ whet 101210 [u help ii'la'flid tir reduce

the hazard. Pleat-1c read "1551: cautions. Il' :mu dun‘L yuu ur others L'uuld be hurt.


Ynu will also find .1 red circle wilh a Hlasl‘t through il in

this book.

This; safety eymhn] meant; "Don't." "Don‘t do this." nr "Den‘t let this happen.“

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