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Hydraulic Brake Systltrrr

Parking Brejte Guides

Power Steering System

Autumetit: Transmit:

Key Loci: Cylinders.

Automatic Tmnfianli’. Shift Linkage



Delcu Supreme 1]" Brake Fluid tGM Part No. “152535! or equivnienl DDT-3- hrnke fluid.

Chassis lubricant meeting requirements Ul NLGI Until? 1.. Calngcrry LB 01' GC—LB [UM Part Nu. {052$}? ur equivalenl II.

GM Hydraulic Power Steering, Fluiti (GM Part No. IUf‘Ei'iiidi or


DEXRON : IIE Automatic Tranrmissinn Fluid [GM Pan Nn. E34538”.

Lubricant with Multi-F‘urpnsii: Lubricant! {GM Part No. I134512IDJ. synthetic SAE SW-Hvi] engine oil or silicunc lubricant LEM Part No. lUfiE'E'i'fi nr lilSEETH.

Engine nil.

Supercharger Oil {GM Part No. 12345932;


Chassis Chassis lubricant meeting

Lubrieuliun requirements of NLGI Grade 1. Cntegm' LE- ur GC-LB [GM Part Ne. 105249? or equivalent}.

GM Optilriccn‘ (GM Fttrl Nu. equivalent.

Windshield Washer Snivent

Washer Solvent “)5 l 5 l 5] 0r

Hood Latch Assembly

:1. Five-rs. and Spring Fin-2h“:

a. Engine nil.

h. Rclfiis: Pen-I h. Chassis lubricant meeting

requirements of NLGI Grade 2. Category LE- tn' ISIS—LE [III-M Part No. "15.249? at equivalent).

I-Iimrl iii-iii Door Engine oil at Lubriplzite Lubricant

Hinges {GM Part ND. ifljflifl‘g}.

Weathers-tripe Dielectric Silicon: Grease {GM Part Nu. l23455'i‘9 or equivalent].

See “Specifications Chart" in the index for recomme nded replacement fillers. valves and Spark


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