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. Pick up the latch plate and pull the belt aei'ess you. The lap part of the belt sheuld be low and mug below

Don't let it get twistleei. the hipehlust touching the thighs. In a eraeh. this applies. force to the wrong pelvic bones. And you'd be less likely to slide under the tap belt. It you Slltl under ll. the If the belt isn‘t long enough. see “Sefeltr Belt belt would apply three at your abdemcn_Tt1is could EIFERdEI'” 3"- lhE end fir this SECllOTl'. cause serious lll' even I'utal injuriee. The Hl‘lfluldlfl' belt 5huuld gt] IWLT the lil'lllLlldCT and aertiet-i the ehest. These parts ufthe hotly an: hes: able In take hcl't restraining lurees.

Put-1h the latch plate inln the buckle until it clicks.

Make sure the release huttnn en the buckle Faces upward or nutward 5n gnu would be able to un buckle it quieltlj,I it'ytiu ever had tn.


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