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Brake Master Cylinder

YntIT l‘irailie Itiatntot cylinder it: here. it :5 filled with


o When using concentrated washer fluid. DU] .3 Inuit-c lluul. tollow the manufactu rer‘s instructions tor adding water.

Don‘t ml: water with ready-[muse washer fluid. Water can cause the solution to

freeze and damage your washer fluid tank and other parts of the washer system. lust-i1

water doesn't clean as well as washer fluid. Fill your washer fluid tank onlyr am full when it‘s very cold. This allows for expansion, which could damage the tent: it it is cuntpletely full.

Don't use radiator entiireezie in your windshield washer. It can damage your washer system and paint.

lllCt'L' tit'u uni)» 13w: rcnsnnx tit-h}- thp: huh:- flmd Icyfil in your mil-tier cylinder tt‘tigltlgodc.r\~t1.'l'l1c lirs't is Iltlti the hralu: IliIiLl gut‘h dim-It til till acceptable level [luring “urinal llt'ttitu lining wear. When new linings airs“ litil ill. the fluid level 5:;ch Intuit up. The other realm“ i-. tlmt fluid is looking out (Ii'ii'rr: brake whom. if it Ix. you hilUlllLi hut-c your brake ay‘slem Fixed. since it link Ittctuts


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