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Use regular unleaded gasoline rated at 31" octane or higher. It should meet specifications ASTM D4314 in the [1.3. and CGSB 35-92 in Canada. These Fuels should have the proper additives. so you should not have to add anything to the fuel.

in the US. and Canada. it‘s easy to he sure you get the right kind of gasoline {unleaded}. You ‘II see

"UNLEADED" right on the pump. And only unleaded nonles will lit into your vehicle's filler neck.

He sure the posted octane is at least 87'. ”the octane is less than 8?. you may gel, a heavy knocking noise when you drive. If it‘s bad enough. it can damage your engine.

If you're using fuel rated at 8T octane or higher and you still hear heavy knocking, your engine needs; service. But don't worry if you heara little pinging noise when you're accelerating or driving up a hill. That ’5 normal. and you don‘t have to buy a higher octane fuel to get rid of pinging. It's the heavy. constant knock that means you have a problem.

What about gasoline with blending materials that contain oxygen. such as MT BE or alcohol“.I

MTBE is "methyl Iertiary-hutyl ether." Fuel that is no more than 15% MTBE is fine for your vehicle.

Ethanol is ethyl or grain alcohol. Properly-blended fuel that is no more than illit— ethanoi is fine for your vehicle.

Methanol is methyl or wood alcohol.


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