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Changing a Flat Tire

ll'a 1ire goo.» Hal. avoid further Ill?! and wheel damage by driving raluwly [u u love! place, Turn on your hazard warning Home”.


Changing a the can cause an injury. The vehicle can slip oh the jack and roll over 1woo or other people. You one they could be badly injured. Find a level place to change your fire. To help prevent the vehicle from moving:

1. Sol the parking brake firmly.

2. Put the shift lever in ”P“ {Park}. 3. Turn all lhe engine.

To be even more eertaln the vehicle won*t move, you can pu! checks at the fro M and rear of the tire laflheat away lrorn the one being changed. That would be the tire on the 13th side of lhe VEHICIB. at the opposite end.

The following .xILTJn Wi ll roll you: how lu use [he look and change :I lire.

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