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To help avoid ll'liUiT to you or others:

Never let passengers ride in a vehicle that is being towed.

Never tour teeter than sale or posted speeds.

Never get under your vehicle after it has been lifted by a tow truck.

Ahtretre use separate eatery chains on each side when towing a vehicle. item use “.1” hooks. Use T -hooita instead.

When your vehicle it being towed. hat-e the ignition key off. The steering 1wheel ehoultl he clamped in :1 straight-ahead position. with o clamping device designed for towing service. Do not use the vehicle‘s steering column lock for this. Tlte trunsaxle should be in Neutral and the parking brake released.

Don‘t have your vehicle towed on the front wheels1 unless you must. If lhe vehicle must be towed on the front wheels. don't go more than 55 mph {8S itmfhl or further than SDD miles tSllfl ltmi or your transaxie will be damaged. if time limits mos-ll be exceeded. Litert the front wheels have to he eupportecl on a dolly.


A vehicle can fall item a cor carrier II it Isn’t prflmrlv secured. This can cause a collision. serious personal injury and vehicle damage. The vehicle should be tightly secured with chains or steel comes. hetero it In transported.

Don't use substitutes (ropes, leather straps. canvas webbing. etc.) fi'llll een he cut by sharp edges underneath the lowed 1«rel-little.


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