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Jump Starting

. _ , NOTICE: l1 your battery has: run down. you may want to use another vehicle and some jumper cables; to start your Ignoring these maps amid Mull ln‘ 'mfljr Buick. Hut plcuu: I'olJttw the steps below to do it safely. damage in flour vehicle [full wouldn't but covered by your warranty.

Turing to and war Buick by pushlng at Falling .It wont 'tmrlt. arid It could damage your vehicle.-

To Jump Start Your Buick:

!. Check the other vehicle. It muet have a IE-t-ult hattery with it negative ground whiter“.


If Iha ulher system [9111 a 12-well system will! .3 negaliue ground; ball-t “Mules men be damaged.

2. Get the vehicles time enough so Ihelilllllpfir cables can reach. but he Rlll‘E the vehicles :trctt‘l touching each ttllter. If they are, il could cause El ground cttnnccliltn you don‘t want. You wouldn't he athlc ED start your Buick. and the. bud grottttdmg could damage the electrical tenements.


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