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This I'Igun: lights up when you turn the kcy to "Run" or “Start" whcn your safuly belt Jfin‘L huckltd. and you'll hear tl tune. qu. 111:4 111:: rL‘lTlZIl'ldt'T [u hutkle up.

In mun).- slalcx and Canadian pnwinucs. the law says: In

wear safety- belts. Here‘s why: Th6}: work.

You never KJJDW if you'll but in :1 Crash. ll' fun (it: huvc :1 crash. ynu don't know if it will he a bad one.

A few crashfis an: Vtry nuld. In ““11”, yuu wun'l get hurt awn tl' you're not buckled up. And same crashes can he ran strinus. like being hil: by a train, that even buckled up u pfl'fitm wuuldn'l survive. But mflil crashes are in between. In mung.r of them. people whn buckle up can

survive and EclJlll'lLIIIIEILJS walk away. Wilhnm hi‘lr's they

L‘UlIIL'I he badly hun or killed.

MELT 25 years 01' safety belts in we hides. the facts; are Eli-fir. In mm: Emsltux buckling up tin-m: IT'IHIIE’I. .EI lul!


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