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Ion g-distanee dri ving'.’ Are the tires all inflated to the recommended pressure“..

0 Weather Forecasts: What's the weather outlook along your route? Should you delay your trip a short time. to avoid a major storm system?

0 flag-i: Do you have up-to-tiate maps? On the Road

Unless you are the only driver. it is good to share the driving task with others. Limit Turns behind the wheei to about Elli] miles { lfil} km} or two hours at a sitting. Then. eilher change drivers or stop for some refreshment like coffee, tea or soft drinks and some limbering up.

But do stop and move around. Eat lightly along the way. Heavier meals tend to make some people sleepy.

Uri two-iane highways or undivided multilatte highways thal do not have conlrollod access, you' ll n-‘onl to watch for some situations not usually found on l'rLtways. Examples are: stop Signs and. signals. shopping centers with direct ameas to the higltv-Iay1 no [tossing mnes and school eones. vehicles turning lefl and right off the road. pedestrians. cyclists. parked vehicles. and even animals.

Highway Hypnosis

Is there actually such a condition as “high way hypnosis“? Or is it just plain falling aslticp at the wheel? (Tall it highway hypnosis. Incl: of awareness. or whatever.

There is something about an ea sy stretch of road with the same scenery. along with the hurn ol‘the tires on the rotal. the drone of the engine. and the rush oilhe wind against the vehicle that can make you sleepy. Don't let it happen to you! if it does. your vehicle can leave the road in less than a second, and you could crash and be injured.

What can you do about highway hypnosis? First, be aware Ihul it can happen.


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