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pedal may get harder [1] push down. [II 1mm engine stops. ynu will still have same power hmke :IHKiM. Hut _vuu will unit it when ynu hnlke. Once the PUWUI ”£955.! is used up. it may take Innger m thp and the brake pedal will be harder to [_‘itléth.

Anti-Luck Brakes [ABSI

Yciur Huiek has an tldmneed eleetrnnie hrulting Hj'ilL‘lll than will help prevent aiidding.

Thlk light t|t'| Ilte instrument pttltel WI” 30 on when you start :mur 1.-ehie|e.

See "Anh—lm‘k [nuke Stale-m Warning Light“ in the Index.

II' ynu keep pttee with the [raffle and altnw ru-‘llifillt‘.’ fullnwing distances, ynu will eliminate a It}! nt' unnecessary brat-ting. That means better braking and lnrtger hrrtke Iil'e.

O lfyuur engine ever erupt. while yuu're driving. brake nunTtully hut dnn‘l pump ynur hrnken. II' you flu. the

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