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Fixed Mast Antenna

The fitted mast antenna can withstand must eat washm witheut being damaged. lithe mast should ever tie-amne- slightly,I bent, you can almighten it out by hand. If the trust is badly bent. as it might be by vandals, you should replace it.

Check every once in a while to be sure the mast is still tightened to the fendet'.

Power Antenna Mast Care

Your power antenna will look its best and work well if it‘s cleaned from time In time.

T9 Clean the Antenna Mast:

]. Turn on the ignition and radio to raise the antenna to full mast extension.

2. Dampen I1 clean clot]: with mineral spirits or equivalent solvent,

3. Wipe cloth over the mast sections. achieving, an},r dirt.

4. Wipe dry with clean cloth before retracting.

5. Make the antenna gt: up and down by turning the radio or ignition an and off.

6. Then repeat if necessary:

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