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The Bi-leve} setting directs outside air into your vehicle in two ways. Cool air is directed toward your ripper Ito-d3,r through instrument panel outlets. while slightly warmed air is directed through the heater outlet at your feet.

The air conditioner eompressrir operates in all so Conditioning positions and the Defrost position when the outside temperature is above 48°F {9°C}.

When you don‘t need to cool the outside air, use the VENT. HEAT and DEFRQST settings. Adj net the temperature control For comfort. You'll get better fuel economy [gas mileage} if you're not oooling the outside air. When you cool the air. your engine runs a refrigeration oompressor. and it has to work harder.


For mild outside temperature. when Iii-He heating or cooling is needed. use the VENT setting. Air will flow thought the instnirnent panel outlets. Use the air outlets to turn on. adjust and turn off the air flow. 3th eat the ramp-erratum lever to the desired temperaml'e.



When outside temperatures are eoIti1 pressing the HTR setting and adjusting the temperature lever will send warm air through lite floor oudets and some through the defroster vents.


The DEFROST setting directs most of the air flow toward the windshield. Use defrost when you want to remove fog or ice from the windshield. When it's 43°F {9°C} or strafing. you‘ll get cooled air.


Air entering the vehicle will be evenly split between the floor outlets and the outlets near the windshield. You can control the temperature of the air and the fan speed to clear Ihe foggy windows.

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