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}'I.1ilr warning Iighls and 15mm cn-uhl tlih'fl h'il‘H.‘ yam in 0mm from IE1_|L'|I'_'§.-'.

Warning lights- gn on when lhen: may hL' or in u prublum will: one of yuilr vehide‘n funcrmni. As; you will see in lhi: dciailx rm Ll]: nun I'uw page». sum: warning lighls come rm briefly when you Eum Ihl: ignition kc}.- just [0 Err you knuw ling-"re wm‘king Ii' yn-IJ are familiar with Ihis firminn, you thuld nnl hi: ulurnicd whun this luippem.

Gages can inriitulu when lhtrr: it‘lujr' be 131' is; :1. problem u-Ith run: of your w'fi'hirle's fllnrlinnfi. Ulicn gages and mummy. HgllEh wurk tugfillltl' to let you I-znflw when there 'R 1! problem wilh ynur which:

When nne nF1he u inning light-i curries on and siayh 13“ when ynu are dTiVing. car when LFE'lL' uf 1hr gageb blmws [he-re may he a problem. check the SECIiEJn that lulls you Whiil In do :lhrrul it. Please ’r'nllnw Ihe manual's :Idviuz Waiting in [In ri‘priiru can he cnsrly -- :im‘l Lwcn dungemux. Ru plum: 3:1 to Llll'fiW your warning lights unci giigus. Thug,"n: a big hulp.


Fuel (iuge

Your Fug] gapi: alums. .‘lhlihlJl hnw much Eilul is in ynur tank. I: wrrrkn‘ Gill:- whun lhr.‘ cnginc is I)“. Win-r1 [he milrcarurrwurs'F..“:i'nu.-:1i|| hm: 'a little fun] Ict'r. ‘Ir'uu ncud in girl Tnon: fuel rlgl‘n all-1111.

Hun: arr: 1'r1ur {Lina-ma arnm‘ nwnerx have had Hhuu! 131:: Incl giigu. All IIIULL' ~1iUillllTIIHIlI'C normal and indicalt‘ nnthirag wrung With lliu Tue] giigc.

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