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[A CAunou:

I Grulsa Cunt-oi can be dangerous where


you can't drive safely at a shady speed. 5H. dun‘l USE WUf {FINISH DUHII‘DI Dl‘l winding roads or in heavy traffic.

Cruise: Control can be dangaruus un slippery roads. On such roads, fast change: in tire traction can cause: mindless Ili‘l'laal spinning. and you muld lose control. Don't use Cruise Control on

slippery reacts.

Tu Set Cruise Control

I. ancthe Cruise- Cunlml switch in “UN."

[3 CAunou:

It you leave your Cruise Control switch on tut-ran you're not using Cruise. yuu might hit a button

and go into Cruise when you dan't want to. You could be startled and even luau control. Keep the Cruise Control switch “OFF” until you want to US! it.

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