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For steady wiping iii lnw speed. turn the band away from you In the "LC!“ pmilinn. Fer high speed wiping. tum the build further. to "ill." TB strip the wipers, move the band to "OFF."


Damaged wiper blades may prevent ”gnu from seeing well enough in drive safely. To avoid damage. be sure to elailr Ice and snow from the wiper blades before using them. ll they're frozen In the windshield. carefully lumen or Ind-v lhem. Ii vdur blades dd become damaged. get new blades or blade inserts.

Heavy anew or ice earl overload your wipere, A. eircuil breaker will stop them until the meter cools. Clear away snow or ice to prevent an nverload.


Windshield Washer

Al the top of the multifunctiun lever there‘s a paddle with the word "PUSH" on it. To spray washer fluid nn lite windshield. push the paddle fer less than a second. The washer will eerily several times. then stop. Unless they are already turned on, the wipers will operate at low speed For several sweeps. then turn off.

To get more Fluid en the windshield. push and held the paddle. Spraying will continue in: long as the paddle is held-


I Driving without washer fluid can be dangerous. A bad mud splash can hidelt your vision. 'I'du could hit Mdlhor which or go dfl the read. Check your washer fluid

level alien.

In ireezing weather, don't use your washer unli-l the windshield Is wedded. Ulhemled the washer fluid can harm led en the windshield, hlnelting your vision.

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