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A green arrow [.111 the inntrurrlenl pane] 1will flash in the direetiun nf Ihe turn nr lant: change.

Ta aignal a lane change. just mix: or it: we: the lever until the green arrow start}: In Hash, Hnltl il then: until yuan complete your lane change. The lever will return by ilh‘tll' when ynu release it.

As you signal a turn or a lane change. if the arrows don't flash but just stay on. a nignal bulb may be burned out and other drivers wnri'l set: ynur turn signal.

ll'a bulb is burned nut. replace il in help at'ttid an aeeitlenl. Ifthc green arrows rlttn‘t go on at all when pint signal a turn. check the fate {twee “Fuses" in the Index: and I'm burned-mil bulb-t.


[f you have a trailer towing, option with added wiring fur the trailer lights. at different turn signal flasher is used. Will] this llaaher illhlflllfd. the aignal indieatnr will flanh even il'a Iurn signal bulb is burned nut. Check the E'rnnt

and rear turn signal lights regularly to Inalte sure they are working.

Operation of Lights

Although ynur vehicle‘fi lighling synem theadiampx. parking lamps. Fog lamps. l-lClE marker lamps and tailiamps] meet all applieal‘tle Federal lighting require-meme. certain Staten anti Provinces may appl}r their own lighting regulations that may renuire special attention hefnre you operate these lamps. Fur example,

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