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inlo 1h: gtar you wixh. See “Shifling Out (If 1" [Park 1:" in this part.

0 k iRn-erse} Use Ihis gear to back Up.

- Hence:

Shifihg inf!” mm: whlla your vehicle in

mw‘mg I'dmard mid damagaydur mania. .5!“th. “H” pnly- lflar ygur- which ll stunned.

Tu rock your which: back and l'nnh in 39.: out of snow. _ ice nr sand without damaging your transmit. at: ”if NOTICE' You're Sluck: In Sand. Mud. Ice or Snow“ in ['11: Index. Man you: mmluflusad by shifting out

. 3.; {Neuirai} oi "P“ {Park} or ”N“ {Naunl‘i 'flflh ma angina racing lan't cmrad by your warranty;

In this position. your Engine doesn't mun-2m w'nh the

“hauls. To rtsliirl th-n you're already moving. use

"N" [Neutrali Duly, Mm, use “N" when your vehicle, 0 (E: Auiumuuc Di-urdnve

'5' “mg Inwed. This pnsitinn is. for normal driving- Ifynu need more puwer Fnr pusxing. and ynu‘re:

Gluing Itsx Ihun about 35 mph [515 krnfh],pusl1 your [ICL‘L’1ETIJIDT [intiui about halfway down.


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