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Child Restraints

Be sure in feltnw the iltstruetlnns fer the restraint. You may find these instructions ran the restraint itaelt‘ or in a tin-(Met, nr ht‘llh. These rextmints use the belt st-ste m in ynur vehlcle. but the child also has to be secured within the restraint tr: help rerluce the chance of personal injury; The instructiuns that crime with the infant or child restraint will show you httw tr:- Lttt that.

Where to Put the Restraint

Accident statistics show that children are safer it they ure restrained in the rear rather than the from Seat. We at IGeneral Motors. therefore remrnmend that you put your child restraint in the rear seal unleret the child. is. an infant and yuu‘re the only adult in the vehicle. In that case. you might want lu secure the restraint in the front gear where you can keep an eye on the hflhy.

Wherever you install it. he sure to secure the child retttruint properly.


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