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Fuses and Circuit Breakers

The wiring: circuits in your can are protected from slturt Circuits by 3 Cttmhinutiun nl' l'usus. circuit hrcukuru, and Fumble Ihernml links in Ihu wiring itself. This greatly reduces the chance at firth caused 11},- t‘JEL'ITjEfll garrihlumu.

You'll find sum»:- E-pm'e fuses in the I'uac- block. B:- sure to ”SE the correcl inst. ll‘ yuu cwr Itli'l'L' u prubtuin LHt Ihl: mud and don't haw: :i Hptlrfl fuse, yuu can “burrow" one of the correct valua. Just pick some feature of your car that you can gut tilting willtuut -- likL‘ lllu nilJiu UT cigarette lighter -- and use his fuse. if it is til the value you need. Replace it as soon as you can.

The l'uhu pttncl i:- lucutctt under thc instrumcut puncl. next to the parking brake. Tn rtiL‘HHfi and Iciwur tht: l'usu pancl. squeeze the two tabs; ttigrlher. Then. pull il Inward}; 5TH]. it will come down w the fuaes can be amassed.


Rcmuvt the w‘vcr [u LtL'E'E'I'SE lite l'ukth.

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