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Brake Master Cylinder

Ynur hmkc master cylinder '5 here. II iii fill-rd will- DDT—3 lll'fllie fluid.

There are only two reasons why 1h: hrniu: Iluid level in yuur master cylinder might go Llnwn. The firyl is [had {he brake fluid gum: down [u un acccptuhic fey-cl during normal brake lining wear. When new linings; are put in. ll'In: fluid level gilt-.5 had; up. 'I'lu: (ithcr reason is: thus fluid ix leaking uul :il "11.: hmlcc symcm. If il is. you should I'lll'Ir'L' ynur hriliii: syfilem fixed. ’i-ll‘IIJL‘ a leak Incum- ihal 900nm- ur qu'r ynur hmicer. won't wm-k wall. 0r

won't wuri. at all. 311: it isn'i u gun-d idea to “top off“ your hrakc lluirl. Adding brake fluid won‘t cancer a leak. If you add fluid whcn yuur linings. are worn. then you'll haw: mu much Fluid when you gm new brake linings. You should add {m rurruiwzi brake fluid. as necessary. unly whcn work is done on lhe brake hydraulic system.

Whun yuur brain: Fluid falls to a low level. your brake warning light will come on. See "Brake S'yflfirrl Waming, Light" in the Index.

When ynur brake fluid falls to a low level. your brake warning. light will mm: on and a chime will sound.


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