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II' you 111) Jongar fuve lhe m’erhuul wurning. you can You may tluciclc nul 11: 1111 [ha hon-d 1.1th [{‘r git service drive. 11.1.5! tn hr: Hale. drive slower I'm about ten rninulus. help rig!“ away.

II' [111: warning doesn‘t come back nn. you can drive normally.

If [he warning rrnrllinuca. pull ever. stop. and Park your VCI‘JIL'JE right away.

Ifthere's \Ij]! no sign cal'sluam. yuu tan idle the dngine for two or three minutes while ynu're [MILL-d. Tu see if [111: waming stops. Bu: lhen. if ynu Still have Ihc warning. TURN OFF THE. ENGINE AND GET EVERYONE 1‘Cil'UT OF THE VEHICLE until il {Duds


When you decide Illr- r-t‘lfi" to lift lhe hood. herc's whul you 'll see:

' {70013111 FCCEH’LIT}: Rink 0 Radiatflr pressure cap

0 Elenric engine fum-

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