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Driving on Snow or Ice

Most of the time, thosi: places where your iircs meet the road probably have good traction.

Hoimeycr+ if then: is snow or icc between your tour; and 1h: road. you can have ii very slippcry situation. You' l] have a lot 1335 traction or “grip" and will nccrl to he very oarcl'ui.

What‘s 1hr: worst time forthis'.1 "Wot icc.“ Vcry L'tJ-Itl snow or ice can bc slick and hard in drive on. But we: ioc can he even more trouble because it may ot‘l‘cr the least traction orall. You can gut "ch ico" when it's; about I'm-citing [32° F: {PC} and freezing rain begins to Full. Try to avoid driving on wet in: until call and hand crews can get tltcrc.

Whatever the condition -- smooth icc. packed. blowing or loose snow —— drluc with caution. Accclcmic gentiy. Try not to hrcak Ihc fragile traction. If you accelerate too flash the drive wheels will spin and polish lht: surl'acc under thc iircs even more.

Your anti Jock broker. improve your ability to make a hard Stop on it slippery road. liycn though you huvc the anti-lock braking system. you'll want to bcgin stopping sooner ll'lfli‘l you would on ciry pawnmni. Sc: "Anti-lock“ Ill tlu: index.


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