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if you are on a three-lane freeway. treat the right lane as the slower—speed through lane. the middle lane as the higher-speed through lane, and the left lane as the passing lane.

Before changing lanes. check your rear-view mirrors. Then use your turn signal.

Just before you leave the lane. glance quickly over your shoulder to make sure there isn‘t another vehicle in your "blind" spo1.

If you are moving from an outside to a center lane on a freeway having more than two lanes, ma he sure another vehicle isn't about to move into the same spot. Look at the vehicles two lanes over and watch for telltale signs: turn signals flashing. an increase in speed. or moving toward the edge of the lane. Be prepared to delay your move.

Once you are moving on the freeway. make certain you allow a. reasonable following distanoe. Expect to move slightly slower at night.

Leaving the Freeway

When you want to leave the freeway, move to the proper lane well in advance. Dashing herons lanes at the last minute is dangerous. If you miss your exit do not. under

any circumstances. stop and back up. Drive on to the neat exit.

At each exit point is a deceleration lane. Ideally it should be long enough for you to enter it at freeway speed (after signaling, of course} and then do your braking before moving onto the exit ramp, Unfortunately. not all deceleration lanes are long enough -- some are too short for all the braking. Decide when to start braking. [f you must brake on the through lane. and it' there is traffic close behind you, you can allow a little extra time and flash your brake lights tin addition to your turn signal} as extra warning that you are about to slow down and exit.

The exit ramp can be curved, sometimes quite sharply.

The exit speed is usually nosled. Reduce your speed uncurding to your speedometer. not to your sense of motion. After driving for any distance at higher speeds. you may tend to think you are going slower than you actually are. For example. 4“ mph {65 kml'hJ might scent like only 1U mph [313 loni'hl. Obviously. this could lead to serious trouble on a ramp designed for 2G mph [30 krnl’h}!


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