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Fog can occur with high humidity or heavy frost. it can he so rnild that you can see through it for several hundred feet {meters}. Or it might be so thiclt that you can see only a few feet {meters} ahead. It may come suddenly to an otherwise clear read. And it can he a major hazard.

When you drive into a log patch. your visibility will he reduced quickly. The biggest dangers are su‘ilting the vehicle ahead or being struck by the one behind. Try to “read" the fog density down the road. if the vehicle ahead starts to become less clear or, at night. ifthe taillights are harder to see. the fog is prolaibly thickening. Slow down to give traffic behind you a chance in slow dowI1. Everyhody then has a better chance to avoid hitting the vehicle ahead.

ill. patch of dense fog may extend only for a few feet {meters} or for miles {kilometers}: you can't really tell while you're in it. You can only treat the situation with extreme care.

One oonunon tog condition -- sometimes called mist or gmtmd fog -- can happen in Weather that seems perfect, especially at night or in the early morning in valley and low. mamhy areas. You can he suddenly enveloped in thick. wet haze that may even coat your windshield. 1'r'ou can ol'tcn spot these fog patches or mist layers with your headlights. But sometimes they can be waiting for you


as you come over a hill or dip into a shallow valley. Stan your windshield wipers and washer. to help clear acournuiatcd road dirt. Slow down carefully.

Tips on Driving in Fog

[f you get caught in fog. turn your headlights on low beam. even in daytime. You‘ll see -- and be seen --


Don't use your high beams. The light will bounce offthe water droplets that make up log and reflect back at you.

Use your dcfogger. In high humidity. even a light buildup of moisture on the inside of the glass will cut down on your already limited visibility. Run your windshield wipers and washer occasionally, Moisture can build up on the outside glass. and what seems to be fog may actually be moisture on the outside of your windshield.

Treat dense Fog as an emergency. Try to find a place to pull off the road. Ol'eourne you want to respect anothcr's property. hul you might need to put something between you and moving vehicles .. space, trees. telephone poles, a private driveway, anything that removes you from other traffic.

Ill visibility is near zero and you must stop but are unsure whether you are away from the road. turn your

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