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1whicle is skidding. 1mm in magnize warning clues Night driving is more citing-smut. Ihan day driving. On:

such :is; unuugh waier. ice or packed snnw im the mad 1:: reason is Ihal snrne drix-L-rs LiTL' iikciy iii be impaired -- by maiit a "mirrored fiurl'act" -.'md slow down when you aimhui ur drugs, with night vision problems, [if h}-

havi: an }' duuifl. iuiig ue.

Rmnembcr: Any anti—luck hniking Hyman {ABS} helps Hare an: xiarni: lips un nigh! driving.

amid ““15" "1‘: hmk'ng Sk'd' htecr the M3" 3“” want I” gt" I Drive dc I‘m gively- Remamber. this. is Ihe rn [351

Driving at Night dangerous Iimc.

I Don't drink and drive. iScc"Dri1nkcn Driving" in Ihr: Index for more {in {his problemJ

I Adjust 3‘01.” inside rean'icw InirriJ-r ELI rrilum: [he glam from. hrsdlighis behind you.

0 Since ynu can‘t so: as welL you ma}- need ID slow down and keep mare space; hciwwn yuu and Olher vthicifls. 11‘s hard tu [3]] how Fast the vehicle ahead is gningjusl by kinking ul iis taillights.

I Slow down. EBpeCially on higher HF'IDBLi maids. Ynur Imudiights can light up uni}: so much mud ahead.

I in run-.01: arms. watch for animals.

if yiiu'ru aircd. pull ul'i‘ihc mad in El. safe place and rem.

h _—169

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