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a Amid needles-s heavy braking. Some people drive in spurts -- heavy acceleration l'u]lttwecl by heavy braking -- tether than keeping pace with traffic. This


is a mistake. Your brakes may nnl have time In con] "Flirting" your brakes can cause them to utrerheat hctwcun hard stops. Your brake-5 will wear out much In the paint that they won’t wart-l well. You might faster if ynu do a hut of heavy braking. not be able to stop your vehicle In time.- to inlaid

an accident. If you “ride" your brakes. they will

get so hot their wlil require a lot of pedal force to slow ynu dawn. Amid "riding" the brake-s.

:- Dun't ”ride“ the hrakcs by letting ynur left foot rest lightly {in the brake pedal while driving.

If you kccp pact: with Ihu traffic and alluw rculistii; fullnwing dintances. jinn I.Irill eliminate a [til at unnecessnry braking. That means beller braking and lnnger brake life.


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