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Press and hold FWD to advance quickly within a track. Release it to resume playing. Watch the graphic dispiay to stop at a specific passage.


Press PRE‘llr to hear the previous track. Press it again to move back one more track.


Press NEXT to hear the next track instead of waiting until the present track is finished. If you hold this button, or press it more than once. the disc will advance further.


Press STIFL {Stoprlayl and the disc will stop and the radio will play. Frees STHPL again to restart the disc al the point where it stopped.

Press the P‘WR button or turn the ignition key off to Stop the disc player. The disc stays in Ihe player and wiil resume playing at the point where it stopped.


Press EJC'T. the disc Iwill eject and the radio will play. The disc will start at track 1 when you reinsert it.

As a feature in protect the disc, if you turn off the ignition with the disc partway out of the slot {after eject}. it will be drawn back into the player in about 3D seconds.

The disc wili play at track I when the radio system is turned on again.

Anti-Theft Feature

Delco—Loc H is a security feature for the compacr disc player. It can be used or ignored. 1f ignored. the system plays normally. If it is used, your player won‘t be usable if it‘s ever stolen. because it won't turn on.

The instructions below tell you how to enter your personal secret code into the system. If your car loses

battery power W you must unlock the system with the secret code again before the system will

turn on.

He sure to read through the entire proeedure and become familiar with the appropriate buttons and knobs before starting.


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