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i it tells you the time. {Which the ignition is off. push the knob to display the titne.l

0 It allows you to hear the other side of a tape. {Press the knob while a cassette is playing.)

0 When a radio is playing with the time diaplayed, the radio station Frequency will display if you push the knob.


The control behind the upper knob allows you to balance the sound bemoan the right and left speakers.

The lower Knob

Turn the lower knob to tune radio stations. Push it to get AM or F M.


The control behind the lower knob moves the sound between your front and rear speakers.


Pressing the SEEK. button wilt eaose the receiver to seek the next higher station and stop.


When you press SCAN. the radio will go to the nest station and pause and keep doing that until you press SCAN again. SCAN appears in the display.

Push buttons

The four pushhuttons let you return to favorite stations. You can set the pushhttttons for up to fourteen stations [T AM and ? FM l.

I Tune in the station you want to listen to.

I Prtbss the SET pushhutton. {The display will show SET for about 5 seconds]

II Within 5 seconds. push one of the tour pushhutlons.

Whenever you press that button. the preset station will return.

Up to three more stations may be preset on each band by pressing two pushbuttons that are next to each other at the some time.

It Tune in the desired station. 0 Press SET pushbutlon.

0 Within 5 seconds. press any two pushhuttons that are next to each other. {The station will return when the same two pushbuttons are pressed again.)


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