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If your Buick has this climate coniml system. lhe folio-wing intbrmalion tells yuu how 1': works.

Yriur Fluiek'k lluw [hm-ugh 'rtnliluliflfi system supplies muside air into [he vehicle when il is arriving. When the heater or air candiliuliing {an in running. mllsirle air will Llififl enter lhe vehicle.

Fan Speeds

The [an annual is; used [0 select Ilie speed you want lhE hiEI‘WCT [u- L'rJ-nlml the air liuw.

Lever Controls

The upper lever changes Ihe i'an speeds. The lower lei-er changer. tin: iernpemtme ofiiie aii' coming Ihrough your air Bullets.

Air Conditioning

The next three selections cool the air. The air cundiiirincr won ‘1 work I.vell unless all lhe windows are aimed. 0n very in]! days. Up-L‘I'L Ilse window:- long enough l0 let Iml inside a ir nut. This. reduces II‘IL: unumnl

ui' wm-k your air eondilmner'x comprerisnr will have In rln. which xhnuld help 1‘qu economy.

M air

This setting provides maximum L‘uilijllg With the least amuuni of wurk. MAX reeirculules much nr'The Elif inside your vehicle sun il Triaxnmzea yam air ennrliiinner'a performance and Fuel eerineirny.


Um: NORM I‘D-r normal Et‘n‘rilrig am I'm: day-'5. This EEIIiI‘I-Q corals riuiside air and direct» it Lhrurigh tile illslrltlnenl panel antlers.


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