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Speedometer and fldumeter

Ynur speedometer lets yen see your speed in both miles per hour ln‘tph} and kilometers per hour tltrnlhi. Yraur odometer shows how far your vehicle has been driven, in either miles {used in the US} or kilometers {used in Canada}.

Your Buick has a “tamper-resistant odometer.“ If you can see very noticeable brighl silver lines between the numbers, pnlbflbl}' sumeene has tried to turn it back. The numbers mag.I he! be accurate.

You may wonder what happens if a car has It: have a new ndurnetcr installed. The new one should he set Lu the 511 me reading as the nld une. II' this is not possible. then it's set at zero. and a label on Ihe driwr's dear muSt shim- the uh] reading and when the new one was inslnlled.

Trip Odometer

A trip odometer can tell you how many miles you have driven sinut: you last set it In new. Tu reset it. push the



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