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Q: What. If a child itt wearing n lap-shoulder belt, but

_ the child is an small that the Shoulder belt is very A CAUTION' close to the child's face or neck?

“W d“ "1‘!- A: Move the child toward the center of the vehicle. but

' be sure that the shoulder belt still is on the child‘s shoulder. 50 that in a crash Ihe child's upper body would have the reslnajnl that bolts pnmide. If the, Child is so small that the shoulder belt still is very close to the child‘s fact: or neck. you might want to place the child in the center seat position, the one U131 has only a lap belt.

Here turd children are wearing the some belt. The belt can't properly apmod the impact forces. In a crash, the two children out be crushed together and seriously Inlurod. A bolt must be used by only one person at a tlmo.


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