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3. To make the lap part right, pull drawn on Hm buck]: and 0f the belt as you pull up on the shouldcr part.

The lap pan of the belt should be wnrn law and snug on Irl'ic hips, just touching the thighs. In a crash. this applies fCIFCE II:- the strong pelvic bones. And yuu'rl be less lilrriialgil tn slide under the lap belt. If 3111.: slid under ilr Ihe hell would apply rum: at your abdomen. This could cans-it: serials or even fatal injuries. Thrt shmider belt should go (WEI the shoulder and mum Ilia chust. Thu-.9: pans of the body an: best able to take belt restraining fumes.

The safety bell lacks if Ihereā€˜s a sudden slap or a crash.

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