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Engine Accessory Drive Belt Inspection— Inspect the belt for cracks. fraying. wear and proper tension. Replace as needed.

Cooling System Service*—Drain. flush and refill the system with new or apprmed recycled coolant confonuing to GM Specification 1825M. Keep cmiflnl at the proper mi store as specified. See "Engine Coolant" l.l'l the index. This provides proper freeze protection. corrosion inhibitor Intel and engine operating temperature. hlspeet hoses and replace if they are cracked. swolieo or deteriorated. Tighten screw-type hose clamps. Cletin the outside of the radiator and air conditioning eondenser. Wits]: the pressure cap and neck.

To help ensure proper operation. we recorrunend a pressure test ofhorh the cooling system and tire pressure cap.




'I‘rnnsaxle Service—Cheap; broth Ihe fluid and filter every I511!) miles {25 DUI] Ion) if the ‘vehicle is mainly driven under one or more of these conditions:

G In heavy city traffic where the outside tern- pcrsturo regularly reaches "Lilith3 (32°C) or higher.

I In hilly or mountainous terrain.

' When doing frequent trailer rowing.

0 Uses such as found in Lexi, police car or delivery service.

lfyou do not use your vehicle under any of them conditions, change both the fluid and filter every more miles (160 DOC! km}.

Spark Plug Reulneemerrt‘—Repleee spark plugs with the proper type. See "Specifications and Capacities" in the Index.


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