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Halogen Bulbs

For the type of bulb. we the Index under “Replacement Bulbs?‘

I. Turn the bulb assembly counterclockwise '1; lurn. pressing in firmly. until the flanges align with the slats in the retainer ring.

2. Pull out the bulb assembly. You may have tn fuck it up and tluwn slightly to loosen it.

3. Disconnect the bulb base from the wiring harness by lilting the plastic locking tab.

To replace the bulb assembly:

1. Snap 51 new bulb into the wiring harness {A}. Make sure the locking. tab [B] is (Mr the luck LC).

2. lnstnll the bulb assembly

by putting the small tab in} in the small notch in the reminer ring {E}.

3. Turn the bulb assembly 53 rum clockwise Le luck ll in place.


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