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Brake Master Cylinder

Your 13min: muster Cylinder is here. It is filled with DOT-3 brake fluid.

There are only two reasons why the brake fluid level in your master cylinder might go down. The first is that the braid: fluid goes down tu no aeeepuihle level during; normal brake lining wear. When new linings are put in. the fluid leyei goes tlflfll'i. up.

The other reason is that fluid is leaking out of die brake system. ll‘il is, you should have your brake system Fixed. since a leak means that sooner or later your brakes won't work well. or won't work at all.

So. il isn‘t a good idea to "top off" your brake fluid. Adding brake fluid won't. eurreei a leak. llynu add fluid when your linings are worn. Ihen you‘ll have [no mueh fluid when you get new broke linings. You should add (or remove} brake fluid. as necessary. only when work is done on the hrdlie hydraulic system.


It you have too much brake Hold, it can spill on the englne. The fluid will burn it the onnlno ls

hot enough. ‘thu or others oould be burned. and your vehicle oould be damaged. Add brake fluid onlyr when work is done on the brake hydraulic oyolen'l.

When your brake fluid falls to a low level. your brake warning lighl will come on. See “Brake System Warning Light" in Lite Index.

What to Mid:

When you Lll} need brake fluid, use only DDT-3 brake fluid—such as Delco Supreme li‘fii lGM For: No. 1052535}. Use new brake fluid from a sealed container



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