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If No Steam Is Coming From Your Engine: lfyougetme Wheat morning butsaeor hear no steam,

Ihc problem may not he too serious. Sometimes the engine can get a little too hot when you: OCIianalooghillooahotday'

0 Stop after high speed driving. 0 Idle for long periods in traffic. 0 Tow a trailer.

lt‘you get the mutant Hunting with no sign ofsteam. try thisfiaraminute or so:

I. Turn off your air conditioner.

2. Tom on your heater to full hot at the highest tint speed and open the windmr as necessary.

3. Trytompyourenginaunderloud [inadriwegear where the engine runs slower).

If you no longer have the methaat wanting, you can drive. Just to be safe. drive slower for about ten minutes. If the naming doesn‘t come back on, you can drive normally.

1f the morning continues, pull met. stop. and park your vehicle right away.

If there‘s still no sign otstearn, you can idle the engine for two or three minutes while you‘re parked, to see if the waning stops. But then. ifyou still have the warning. TURN OFF THE ENGINE AND GET EVERYONE OUT OF THE VEHICLE until it cools down.

You may decide notto lift The hood but to get sendae help right away.

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