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[flouDoDeeideto PullaTrailer [fyoru do. here are some important points.

0 There are many different Irma having to do with hailering. Malta sure your rig will be legal, not only where you live but also where you'll be driving. A gin-ad souroe for this. infomtatinn can be state or provincial police.

0 You can ask a hitch dealer about sway controls.

0 Don't tow a trailerr at all during the first son milm {501} km) your new vehicle is driven. Your engine, axle or other parts could be damaged.

0 Then. during the first 50!) miles [Bill lint] that you tow a trailer+ don’t drive over 50 mph (80 krnfh} and don't malne starts at full airtime. This helps your engine and other parts ofjmur 1tehiele wear in attire heavierloads.

0 Three important considerations have to do with weight:


“Height ofthe Trailer

Your vehicle can tow nonnally Up to [.003 pounds {450 kg). It‘yttur vehicle has a V6 engine with a four- speod automatic transaxlc and is equipped with tlte optional hoary-duty engine one-ling system. it can tow up to 2,000 pounds {on kg].

Buteventltatoanbctooheaw. Itdependsonhow you plan to use your rig. For example, speed. altitude, road grades. outside temperature and how much your vehicle isusedtopullatrailerarealiimportant. And. itcan. also depend on any special equipment that you have on your vehicle. You can ask your dealer For our trailering information or advice. or you can write us at Buick Motor Division, Customer Assistance Center, Dill E. Hamilton Are. Flint. MI 43550.

In Canada, write to General Motors of Canada Limited Customer Assistance Center, lEH'JE Colonel Sam Drive, Oshawa, Ontario, L1H 8PT.

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