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Night Vision Nomenansoeasueflatnightasinfltedaytimemrutas we get older these differences increase. A 50-year-old driver may require at least twice as much light to see the same thing at night as a 2fl4year—o1d.

What you do in the daytime can also affect yournighl vision. For example. if you spend the day in bright sunshine you are wise to wear sunglasses. Your eyes will have less ttouhie adjusting to night.

But if you're driving, don't wear sunglasses at night. "they may cut dam on glare from headlights, but they also make a lot of things invisible that should remain visible—such as parked cars. obstacles. pedestrians. 01' even trains blocking railway crossings. him may want to put am your sunglasses after you haw: pulled into a brightly-lighted service or refreshment area. Eyes shielded from that glare may adjust more quiddy to darhtess hack on the road. But he sure to rem your sunglasses befiJre you leave the service area.


‘Iizlu can he temporarin blinded by approaching lights. It can takcaseoand ortwo. or museum-a] seconds, thi- youreyestu readjustmthedarlt. Whenyouarefiieod with severe glare [as from a driver who doesn't lower the high beams. or a vehicle with misaimod headlights) slow down a little. Avoid staring tilireetl)r into the approaching lights. If there is a line of opposing traffic. make occasional glanoes otter the line of headlights to make certain that one of the vehicles isn‘t starting to new: into your lane. Once you are past the bright lights. give your eyes time to teatijust befiit'e resenting speed.

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