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1h Set the Clock:

1. With d1: radio on. or off. press SET. The SET indicator will appear on the digital display for five mom.

1.15m rrrustbogintosetflloclocktorhscorrecthourand minute during those five seconds. Press and hold SCAN mail the correct limo appears on the display.

3. FI'ESS and hold SEEK until the COI'IBCI rrdnute appears on flu: display.

ThPresetRndio Stations: LUseilieloiirerknohETUNEmImeinfilostationyou want.

2. Press SET. The SET indicator will appear on the digital screen fior five seconds.

3. While the SET indicator is displayud. press one of the five pushbuttons.

4. Repeat Steps. 1-3 foroachoffiwAM and fiveFM stations.

Up to three. additional slalions on each band may be preset by "pan-mg," pushbuttons: I. Turn: in the desired station.

2. Prm SET. and within five seconds press any two adjacent pushhuttons at the same rims.

3. Thesmtionoanbdmmdinwhen tho sadism pushhuttons are pressed al the same time.

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