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FM Stereo

FM Stereo will give you the best sound, but FM signals will reach onlyr about It} to 41!} miles ([6 to I55 km]. Tall buildings or hills can interfere with FM signala causing the mod to come and go.


The range for most AM stations is greater tlmo Eor FM, especially at night. The longer range. hmvever, can cause stations to interfere wifli each other. AM can also pick up noise from things like storms and power lines. To lower this noioe1 try reducing the treble lm‘eli


Your Deleom' 53mm may be able to main: C—Qoam‘E' stereo broadcasts. Many AM stoflmis around the country use CW to pmdnce stereo, Enough some do not. C-Qnam‘” is a. registered Hademark of Motorola, Inc. If your Delta” system can get C-Quam‘i signals, your stereo indicator light will come on when you an receiving it.


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