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Do not attach a telnet-Waryr vehicle license across the sKeep the air path under the front seats clear of objects. defogger grid on the rear window. This helps air to circulate throughout your vehicle.

Audio Systems

The following pages describe the audio agotems milehle foryourBuick, and how togetthebeet performance from them. Please read about the system in your vehicle.

Flow-Thrwgh Yventilation System

Your Buiek‘s flow—through ventilation overcrn supplies outside air into the vehicle when it is moving. Outside air will also enter die vehicle when lIl'ie heater or the air conditioning fan is running.

ventilation Tips

I.Keep the hood and from air inlet free of ice. snow, or an},r other obstruction (such as leaves). The heater and defroster will work for better. reducing the chance of Rigging the inside of your windows.

{When you enter a vehicle in cold weather. turn the blower fan to H! for a few moments before driving off. This helps clear the intake ducts of snow arid moisture. and reduces the chance of fogging the inside of your windows.


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